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Custom Data Services

The vast majority of SD Mesonet archives are accessible free of charge on the website (State Maps Archives and Local Data Archives). Small data requests that do not require quality control can be done free of charge (Daily Data Request ). Certain users, however, require custom data services, and the SD Mesonet is equipped to perform these services.
Examples of custom data services include:
Retrieval of large data sets
Production of serially-complete data sets
Computation of derived variables
Climatologist analysis
Retrieval of data used for legal purposes
Data between 1983 and Jan 2015 (1983-2002 availability and quality are limited)
If you do not see what you are looking for or don't know exactly what you need, we encourage you to contact us.
As a part of the SDSU Agricultural Experiment Station, the SD Mesonet conducts its own research and collaborates with others. The SD Mesonet has a long record of supporting other researchers with data services. If we can help you make your next proposal successful, we encourage you to contact the Mesonet Operations Manager.
We look forward to serving you,
SD Mesonet Operations Manager