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About the Mesonet Spray Tool
The Mesonet Spray Tool provides live reports and forecasts of weather critical to pesticide applicators including 3-ft wind, inversion, and ΔT. Current conditions update every five minutes. Forecast updates every hour. Reports for any station from any time in the last 7 days can be sent to the user using the "Record by Email" button.

3-ft Wind: Direction and speed (mph) at boom height for ground applications (these can be significantly lower than standard wind speeds)
Inversion: A positive vertical temperature difference indicates an inversion (Yes/No/Marginal or Y/N/M)
ΔT (DeltaT): Used to estimate droplet evaporation rates
Today: measured since midnight
Today's forecast: remainder of the day
Tomorrow's forecast: 24-hour forecast

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The Mesonet Spray Tool is made possible by the South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council.

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Local conditions may vary. Always read and follow label instructions.