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South Dakota Mesonet Precipitation Data Notice


A data pipeline issue has been identified that has caused precipitation data at some South Dakota Mesonet stations to be underreported when one minute out of every five was not included in totals. The excluded minute of data was collected and stored but not displayed. See the table below listing the dates and stations impacted.

The South Dakota Mesonet team works to bring our stakeholders the best possible data. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and appreciate your patience as we work to remedy the issue. Thank you to those that helped bring this to our attention and narrow down the problem.

Data Pipeline Fix: Completed

Data dated May 22, 2024 onward are not impacted by this issue.

Data Requests

All data provided by Mesonet personnel for data dated May 22, 2024 or later are not impacted by this issue. Data provided prior to this may or may not be impacted by the issue. CSV files with corrected precipitation values will be provided below when the archive recalculations are complete.

Data Archive Recalculations: Completed

June 1, 2024: Daily data has been recalculated for each station from the raw 1-minute data. See the table below for the length of issue and to download a copy of the data. Each station file contains precipitation values in millimeters and inches from the recalculated dataset.

June 2, 2024: All website dispalys of precipitation have been corrected.

Station Issue Start Date Issue End Date Corrected Data
Antelope7/22/20225/22/2024 Download
Beresford12/18/20215/22/2024 Download
Brookings3/4/20225/22/2024 Download
Bowdle12/10/20215/22/2024 Download
Clark9/9/20235/22/2024 Download
Caputa12/16/20215/22/2024 Download
Cottonwood12/16/20215/22/2024 Download
Edgemont12/16/20215/22/2024 Download
Fall River SE7/27/20235/22/2024 Download
Flandreau7/30/20225/22/2024 Download
Gregory5/17/20235/22/2024 Download
Groton12/15/20215/22/2024 Download
Hayes10/17/20225/22/2024 Download
Highmore12/22/20215/22/2024 Download
Hamill7/15/20225/22/2024 Download
Kennebec8/2/20235/22/2024 Download
Lower Brule5/26/20235/22/2024 Download
Letcher10/22/20225/22/2024 Download
Leola12/11/20215/22/2024 Download
Ladner9/13/20235/22/2024 Download
Lowry8/10/20235/22/2024 Download
Mound City8/11/20235/22/2024 Download
Midland9/29/20235/22/2024 Download
Menno6/8/20235/22/2024 Download
Milesville10/16/20225/22/2024 Download
Nisland7/21/20225/22/2024 Download
Norris10/25/20225/22/2024 Download
Oacoma12/16/20215/22/2024 Download
Oelrichs7/26/20235/22/2024 Download
Onida11/3/20225/22/2024 Download
Prairie City9/15/20235/22/2024 Download
Pierre5/3/20245/22/2024 Download
Parker5/15/20245/22/2024 Download
Provo10/23/20225/22/2024 Download
Ralph11/1/20225/22/2024 Download
Rosebud7/27/20225/22/2024 Download
Redig9/20/20235/22/2024 Download
Sioux Falls7/14/20225/22/2024 Download
South Shore12/23/20215/22/2024 Download
Spearfish9/21/20235/22/2024 Download
Sturgis12/16/20215/22/2024 Download
Tuthill8/16/20235/22/2024 Download
Timber Lake12/9/20215/22/2024 Download
Union Center12/16/20215/22/2024 Download
Volga5/24/20235/22/2024 Download
Mount Vernon7/20/20235/22/2024 Download
Vivian8/3/20235/22/2024 Download
Winner5/18/20235/22/2024 Download
White River12/16/20215/22/2024 Download
Woonsocket7/21/20235/22/2024 Download
White Lake7/28/20225/22/2024 Download