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SD Mesonet Station Hosting: Application

view of new brookings weather station with fields and stadium in background
The SD Mesonet is in the process of upgrading most existing stations across the state (2021 and 2022). Work on new stations will begin in 2023. Ultimately, this will result in a total of 150 new or upgraded SD Mesonet stations (pink boxes in the map below) as part of a multi-year collaborative project between the SD Mesonet and the Corps of Engineers who is sponsoring the stations.

We are seeking applications from public and private landowners statewide who are interested in volunteering to host dozens of new stations. Before filling out this application, please read our frequently asked questions for station hosts.
If you have reached out to us in the past offering your land for a Mesonet station but have not filled out this application, please take the time to fill it out.

Most urgent is the need for landowners in portions of the James River Valley area (green boxes in the map below). The sites for these locations are being finalized now for installation in 2023. We are also accepting applications for other areas across the state (blue boxes).
Click on the map for full sized image, then zoom as needed for more details.
Contact Information
Every application submitted needs the Legal Description or a specific pair of Latitude and Longitude. It is highly benificial for reviewing if both are provided.
Comments and Submit

Thank you for your application. The work of the SD Mesonet cannot be done without land owners willing to host stations.
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