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Date Temperature °F4 in Bare Soil °FFrost Depth inRain inGust mph
7/2059 to 8169 to 84No Frost0.008
7/1962 to 7273 to 79No Frost0.0321
7/1851 to 7969 to 88No Frost0.0012
7/1755 to 7571 to 88No Frost0.0015
7/1659 to 7973 to 88No Frost0.0017
7/1564 to 8677 to 87No Frost0.0016
7/1469 to 9076 to 94No Frost0.0033
©2024 South Dakota Board of Regents
This station made possible by
City of Sioux Falls Public Works Department

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