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Date Temperature °F4 in Bare Soil °FFrost Depth inRain inGust mph
9/2352 to 5757 to 61No Frost0.4115
9/2256 to 6560 to 65No Frost0.0723
9/2153 to 7656 to 71No Frost0.0028
9/2040 to 6556 to 67No Frost0.7922
9/1947 to 8460 to 80No Frost0.0024
9/1850 to 8858 to 82No Frost0.0020
9/1745 to 8156 to 81No Frost0.0020
©2023 South Dakota Board of Regents
This station made possible by
Perkins County
West River Cooperative Telephone Co.
Grand Electric Cooperative

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