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Soil Temperature Maps
Max/Min Temp. (F)Max/Min Temp. (F)
Average RH (%)Average RH (%)
 Avg Wind Speed (MPH) Avg Wind Speed (MPH)
Gust (MPH)Gust (MPH)
Solar Radn (SunHours)Solar Radn (SunHours)
Total Precip. (in)Total Precip. (in)

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Average Bare 4" (F)Average Bare 4" (F)
Average Sod 2" (F)Average Sod 2" (F)
Average Sod 4" (F)Average Sod 4" (F)
Average Sod 8" (F)Average Sod 8" (F)
Average Sod 20" (F)Average Sod 20" (F)
Average Sod 40" (F)Average Sod 40" (F)

Important: Data reported on the map is collected between
12:01 am and 11:59pm on the day printed under the map