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Mesonet at SDState's archive maps
The archive mapping tool dynamically creates a state wide view of the Mesonet's historical weather and climate related information. This tool makes it easy to see the daily values across the state at a glance and gain a better understanding of how each station location compared to its neighbors over time.

This tool defaults to the most recent available day, but offers years worth of valuable data for those that need access to something older.
How to use this tool:
  • Clicking the date box in the top right corner of the map allows for easy change of which day's data is displayed. Use the pop-up calendar to find the day of choice.
  • The and buttons (left side) change the date to previous or next day. This allows for easy access to small date changes.
  • Use Select Layer dropdown (right side) to choose which data overlay is shown. See "Map Details" below the map for more details about each layer.
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    Map Details
    Rain Total rain (in). Precipitation uncertain on freezing days.
    Max/Min Temp Maximum and minimum temperature (°F).
    Max Wind Gust Maximum 3-second wind gust (mph).
    Insolation Total horizontal irradiation (sun hours = kWh/m²). An hour of sunshine directly overhead on a clear day is roughly one sun hour.
    Soil Temp, 4” under Bare Average soil temperature (°F) at a depth of 4 inches under bare soil.
    Soil Temp, 4” under Sod Average soil temperature (°F) at a depth of 4 inches under sod.
    Frost Depth Deepest occurrence (in) of 32°F soil temperature under sod.
    Station Locations Names and locations of active stations with data shown on other maps.
    Soil Moisture
    This map represents the five monitored layers of the soil moisture column (2, 4, 8, 20 and 40 inch depths).
    These are based on volumetric soil moisture and have not be calibrated to their local soil types.
    Not Available