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Date Temperature °F4 in Bare Soil °FFrost Depth inRain inGust mph
4/128 to 6843 to 49No Frost0.03*31
3/3138 to 7242 to 53No Frost0.0128
3/3035 to 6539 to 49No Frost0.0831
3/2929 to 6136 to 49No Frost0.0015
3/2834 to 5241 to 44No Frost0.4735
3/2728 to 5237 to 45No Frost0.02*18
3/2630 to 4437 to 43No Frost0.01*21
©2020 South Dakota Board of Regents
* = freezing conditions may cause delayed and underreported values
This station made possible by
Hamill Conservation District
Clearfield-Keyapaha Conservation District

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