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Date Temperature °F4 in Bare Soil °FFrost Depth inRain inGust mph
6/161 to 9264 to 88No Frost0.0022
5/3151 to 8558 to 77No Frost0.0028
5/3051 to 6760 to 70No Frost0.3529
5/2945 to 7058 to 77No Frost0.0020
5/2850 to 6862 to 73No Frost0.1126
5/2748 to 7958 to 81No Frost0.0016
5/2643 to 7253 to 75No Frost0.0019
©2020 South Dakota Board of Regents
This station made possible by
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Water Resources Office

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