Wind turbines at work

This page provides some photographs and short movies of wind turbines in operation in the field.  The primary reason for having these here is the short movies, because they allow you to actually hear the turbines in action.  Many people have concerns about noise and visual impacts, and it is our hope that these short video clips can in some small way help people make up their minds on this subject.

108 kW turbines at Howard, SD

These are actually two older turbines originally installed in California.  They were reconditioned and updated by Energy Maintenance Services, a South Dakota company (Gary, SD), and installed by EMS in late 2001.  The turbines were commissioned on October 19, 2001, and are currently feeding the local grid in Howard, SD.

Click on the photograph for a short *.MOV clip (684 kbytes) shot from a point about 150 feet from the base of the nearest turbine.  You will note that you can hear the turbines, but the sound is not loud; it sounds a lot like wind in pine trees does.