Summit WRAN data


The WRAN data for the Summit site is available as a series of *.pdf reports containing time-sequence and histogram plots.  Select the month for which you would like the plots.  (If you would like the data in another format, contact Dr. Todey.)

Statistics for the Summit site:
Data range used for the figures given here:  November 13, 2001-July 31, 2002
Site elevation:  625 m (2050 ft)
Site latitude:  45o 10' 44" N
Site longitude:  97o 0' 57" W
Date of activation:  November 13, 2001
Data averaging interval:  10 minutes
Overall data recovery rate since activation:  63.56%
Average wind speed since April 20, 2002, 50 meters:  8.15 m/sec (18.2 mph)
Approximate wind class at 50 metersa:  6
Average wind speed since April 20, 2002, 70 meters:  8.63 m/sec (19.3 mph)

aThe approximate class numbers given here are based on average wind speeds and the approximate class table given in the NREL Wind Assessment Handbook.  This number is an approximation only, as it is based on several assumptions (and a limited data set, so far).

Data reports available: