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Data handling at SDSU:

SDSU controls 24 automatic stations. AWDN stands for Automatic Weather Data Network. Data is collected by dialing into 10 stations once a day. Internet connectivity is used for 9 weather stations. These 9 stations report data every 5 minutes. Real-time data or these stations is reported on EMPACT webpage as well as SDAWN page. All stations report hourly and daily data. Currently, Gettysburg, Dakota Lakes (near Pierre) and Union Center are offline. Data is collected for internal use from 2 other stations - Jewel Cave and Opportunities Farm near Lennox.

Data is processed in the morning at around 8:30 am. Reports are queryable by daily or hourly data. Statewide data is available for daily data of AWDN stations on our Ag Data page. Maps are generated from daily data on our Current Weather page. At the end of each month, we provide monthly daily and hourly-data on our Archive and Climate page (right at the bottom of the page). In future we plan on supporting query based report generation. We will also provide a page to show what equipments are mounted on our weather station and our collection routines.

Maps are being published daily under our Current Weather page