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Data handling at SDSU:

Airport station data for 19 stations across SD is published daily by Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN). IWIN publishes the daily report at or around 7:45 AM bearing the publishing code ABUS21 KFSD. The publication includes daily low temps past 12 hours, high temp, precipitation, snowfall and snowdepth past 24 hours. We extract daily data published by IWIN on their website ( Extracted daily data is published as statewide data and station-wise data on our website under Ag Data page. At the end of the month, daily reports are generated and published under our Archive page. In future, we plan on supporting query-based monthly reports.

Hourly data is obtained from UNIDATA data streamed from Iowa State University Mesonet. This data is published station-wise. Most current data is also extracted and published. Wind chill plots, hourly data plots and 6 hour max/min plots are plotted on hourly plots page under Current Weather.