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Accumulated GDD till freezing date Help

This page displays accumulated GDD for the selected station from the chosen
month/day to early, average and late freezing date (28°F) for warm, average and cold climate years
Month Day
[ View GDD from automatic and GDD from airport stations here ]

How to use GDD till freezing feature

Pick your location, month and day and click Show GDD button. GDDs (base 50) until freezing will be displayed. The data helps in determining the potential for GDDs until freezing. The output indicates two things:

  1. GDDs that he location will accumulate on average until early, average and late freeze, and
  2. What if we are warmer and have a late freeze or what if we are warmer, but have an early freeze?
    We try to account for the combination of contingencies in a table in the middle of the page.