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SD Weekly Climate Update

The data delivery system has changed to a point where there is missing data for most stations. A different set of data has been chosen to replace the weeky summaries. A weekly summary for selected stations is produced by the Sioux Falls NWSO and and published on the Coop Observer Page each Monday

The 2 sites below provide the raw data files and the reports that are produced from that data.

Look for SD Daily Data summaries from NWS Weekly Data on the monthly page

South Dakota Automatic Observing System - Daily Updates

 Data Tables for week ending Monday at 6:00 am.

The tables in this section are estimated from the data collected from the South Dakota Automatic Observing System. Estimates for the climate district are developed by using a spatial statistics and may differ from averages that computed from the Cooperative Observer Station data. The numbers are adequate for operational use, but must not be confused with data from station records. Only station records have the acutal measurements. The serial files of the daily records are available on the Daily Summaries page.

 US Weekly Data Tables

Created: 20 Feb 1996 Last modified: 20 November 01

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