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Latest Max/Min Temperatures and 24 hour Precipitation Summary
South Dakota Airport Stations
Agriculture Experiment Station

Max/Min Temperatures and 24 hour of archived data
The precipitation data reported by these stations is frequently incomplete. A zero is reported when precipitation actually occurred. Corrections are made to this data when better data is reported. The links within the files below will take you to the Monthly page for the improved data data sets. For complete daily and hourly summaries see the section below.


ASOS Station detailed information and current weather
The links below provide station information and links to the on-line data for the past 24 hours. The data for the previous 24 hours are available through these links to the NWS Internet Weather Source. It is updated at least every hour so the data more than 24 hours old is not available. Hints and the link to the NOAA unedited data can be found below.


Archived Hourly and 24 hour summaries of ASOS station:
The previous data for most of the automatic stations is archived and is available on-line from a NOAA data center in undedited form at theNOAA website. Both Daily and Hourly summaries are available for a nominal fee. It is necessary to start with the 3 character station identifier. The stations that can be found at the NOAA site have the 3 letter identifier in parentheses in the station list above that contains station information, lat/lon, and elevation.

The raw hourly data for the other South Dakota stations are collected and placed in the data base but are not processed at this time. Data is nearly continuous begining in April 1, 1998 although there is a gap from October 12 - November 17, 1998.

SD Ag Experiment Station Sites - April 1, 2002 to March 15, 2003 (product moved)
Aurora MSEA
(6E Brookings)
(SESD Experiment Station)
(Ag Experiment Station)
(Lower Rapid Creek HUA)
(West river Experiment farm)
(Lake Oahe Observation site)

(BOR Irrigation Project)

(Lake Sharp observation site)

(Dakota Lakes Experiment Station)

(AES Auxiliary experiment site)

South Shore
(NESD Experiment farm)

Dakota Lakes
(Farm AUX1 N Presho)

Hourly summaries and other information SD Ag Experiment Station Sites