SD 2000 Climate Summary

The National Climate Data Center (NCDC) thoroughly quality controls the data and it is then considered the official published record. This data is available in final form after approximately 5 months and is presented on this page as NCDC Final Data. It is also available in a NCDC published document. Daily data is available for most stations for the entire period of record by special request.

The published information can be found in some South Dakota Libraries. The South Dakota Library Network can be searched to find the nearest library with the document. Search for a key term with South Dakota Climat# data, or [city] Climat# data.

All data summaries presented here have been derived from daily data.
The SD computer data set is maintained by the South Dakota Office of the State Climatologist

 SD NCDC Final Monthly Data Tables

 SD NCDC Final Maps

 SD NCDC Coop Station Final Daily Data Tables

 SD Monthly Summaries for years before 2000